Become a Stockist

As a wholesaler, Prestige Tackle are always on the lookout for outstanding retailers who share our commitment to the sport of fishing and value for money. Servicing Western Australia for more than 20 years, we stock an extensive variety of quality fishing tackle. We also do our best to source any product that a client specifically requests.

For more than 20 years, we have helped support local businesses by supplying quality fishing tackle. Servicing fishing shops, service stations, super markets, fishing charters, caravan parks, corner delies and many other store types. We pride ourselves on having something for everyone and you don't have to have a boat to enjoy the sport of fishing. We can obtain almost any product you want and can easily cater for your needs.

Prestige Tackle are always keen to work with new retailers and do everything in our power to expand their selling opportunities. We supply locally throughout the South West, as well as remote areas of Western Australia and beyond. Enquire now about our great service.

Benefits of Being a Stockist

Our reputation for providing quality fishing products and exceptional service are just some of the many benefits our stockists can enjoy. Other benefits include:

  • All products are competitively priced
  • We offer free delivery to local businesses 
  • You deal with one supplier and get access to a huge product range
  • We understand the sport of fishing and can tailor to customers' needs and location
  • Guarantee buy back if product fails to sell
  • Provide Information to your customers through our web site and Facebook page
  • Provide professional advice on tackle and fishing
  • Give friendly, old fashioned service
  • Provide Wall displays or display stands if needed
  • Provide Signage
  • Please don't hesitate to contact Vince on 0437760042 or email us at alternatively,please use our online web form here to contact us anytime.

If you are interested in joining Prestige Tackle and becoming a stockist, please get in touch with us today.